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Our Services

Umkhulisi Management Consulting offers unrivalled set of products to clients who require adapting with the changing operational environment. Thus, our categorized services are in the following main areas:

  • Project Management

  • Process Mapping & Redesign

  • Process Documentation Generation

  • Coaching & Mentoring Staff on Process Analysis

  • Risk Analysis

  • Performance Improvement

  • Work Measurement

  • Facilitating Process Discovery & Improvement Workshops

The name “Umkhulisi” means to nurture, a guardian or a supporter in isiXhosa; and this meaning is deeply rooted in our operating model and beliefs. As when nurturing a seed from germination to harvest, it is important to ensure that the seed does not rot before sprouting or the plant does not wither before harvest time; thus we have adopted a five-phase approach operating model to ensure we journey with our Clients in achieving their organisational goals or project objectives

We deploy skilled and experienced resources to ensure every encounter with the Client is optimal ad valuable.

The five phases are:

It is our belief that the environment must first be prepared before any process optimization and implementation work is done. This means we believe in all stakeholders’ engagement including subject matter experts (SME’s) to ensure goal alignment.

Coaching and up-skilling of key staff members takes place throughout the programme or project, to ensure understanding of techniques used for maintenance and training purpose.

While we follow the five-phase approach, our methodology is customisable to ensure the Client’s ability to deliver is not compromised due to meetings and workshops which could result in frustrations, headaches and reputational risks.

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