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Who we are

Introduction background

Umkhulisi Management Consulting is established to provide capacity, assistance and support to executives and operational managers who understand that efficient and effective business performance improvement, or capacity to delivery, that is repeatable can only be achieved through business process analysis and optimization.

It is evident that most organisations do not have all the necessary understanding, skills or capacity required for end-to-end efficiency improvement or alignment of operational processes to achieve their organisational strategies.

Our focus therefore, is to assist organisations reveal and resolve process shortcomings, eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies that could hinder productivity, quality service, resulting in excessive operational costs and customer frustration.

Our unique brand comes with unrivalled speciality touch in well-designed but effective training programs that kindle inner growth in individuals to deliver unmatched services that go above and beyond.

We are strategically positioned to work closely with our clients to fully understand their business and development needs; thereafter, have the needs studied and a tailor-made program designed accordingly.

Management Team

We bring together the best people, and get them working efficiently together. We manage and motivate the teams, balancing and making the most of an often diverse set of skills. We create an ideal atmosphere for inspiration and innovation. Our understanding, dependability, expertise, and commitment differentiates Umkhulisi Management Consulting from our competitors.

Managing Director

The Managing Director of Umkhulisi Management Consulting is a leading life coach and business/corporate coach whose academic acumen spans from Business Systems Analysis, B-Tech Degree in Industrial Engineering to Masters in Business Administration.

He is a seasoned process optimization specialist with more that 20 years’ experience in efficiency, quality and productivity improvement. He has extensive private sector experience as well as public administration exposure.

During the tenure of his career, he has simplified complex business processes, resulting in efficiency gains measured at 35% to 50%, reducing overall turnaround time, eliminating quality issues and reducing the total number of people involved in the process; where the resultant processes were mapped, documented and supporting Standard Operating procedures were created. He has also operationalized strategic services to meet Client expectations, solicited and written business requirements for system development to ensure proper implementation thereof.

Associate Director

The Associate Director of Umkhulisi Management Consulting holds a B-Tech Degree in Industrial Engineering, a Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Development and a Graduate Diploma in Engineering (Industrial).

Her competencies range from strategic projects prioritization, project management, process improvement, Clients and Stakeholder management. She started her career at a state-owned entity before moving to the private sector, where some of her experience continued to involve interfacing with and managing the operations and interests of state-aligned organisations.

Building on her technical abilities during her tenure in the private sector, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in corporate governance where she managed the business of the Board of Trustees from Board strategic sessions to Board meetings and aligned Board Committees.

She has led multiple teams within her line of reporting, and also multi-organisation teams where they held different contracts servicing the same Client.

Our Capabilities

Collectively, the Directors have amassed experience in:

  • Interpreting Clients’ strategic intent, ad translating it to operational service plans

  • Operationalising organisational strategy

  • Analysing and mapping business processes

  • Improving and streamlining business processes

  • Forecasting and managing resource capacity planning

  • Developing and training staff on standard operating policies and procedures

  • Running efficiency, quality and productivity improvement initiatives

  • Facilitating process discovery and improvement workshops

  • Leading multi-organisational service delivery teams and chairing associated operations meetings

  • Implementing system and process related changes

  • Coaching and mentoring staff on process analysis and LEAN tools

  • Conducting risk assessments and developing mitigation control plans

  • ISO 9001 accreditation preparation

  • Providing support and operations advisory service to Senior Managers and Executives

  • Managing service level agreements

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